Bison Bacon Cheese Burger

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If you love burgers, then try our delicious, Bison Bacon Cheeseburger. Two great things, bacon and cheese, mixed together; there’s nothing better. This savory and tasty burger is gluten and soy-free. You have the option of making your burger lactose-free with cheese served in a portion cup on the side. Served with chicken bacon, all on a house-made, gluten-free, garlic cauliflower bun.


The nutrition info below is accurate for a 'Regular' sized meal.

Protein (g)40
Carbs (g)36
Fat (g)25
Sat Fat (g)9.9
Fiber (g)4.6
Sodium (mg)447.8
Sugar (g)6.7
Cholesterol (mg)237.9