about source

We created Source to remedy a common frustration we all have; we want to be able to eat clean and fit on the go. Your life, just like ours, is way too busy to be able to do it yourself all the time and only having high calorie, high fat, low nutritional value food available is not only frustrating but deflating. Who wants to “undo” what was gained from a workout with a typical drive-thru meal? Not us. But until Source was created that was our only option for a fast, convenient meal.

check out our menu

check out our menu

created in lincoln nebraska

We are so proud to say that Source is a Lincoln, Nebraska created company, owned and operated by Nebraskans! Which means we have put a lot of time and energy into creating each and every recipe to make sure our meals are as good for you as we can make them while maintaining the quality and amazing taste we all expect.

Fresh, Never Frozen

At Source, all of our meals are created in our store kitchen with our chef and our culinary team to give you the freshest and most nutrient packed meals possible. Our meals are never frozen and often what you see available in the coolers was created that very same day. If you are interested in having modifications made to some of our meals to meet your dietary needs please talk with one of our team members in the store. With having our own kitchen and culinary team, we can make you customized meals if needed!

17th and PINE LAKE

1701 Pine Lake Rd, #1, Lincoln, NE 68512
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